Derailed Trip

So the news is I can’t make it.

Over a month ago, my sister invited me to join them for a trip in the US. I never truly bothered that much since for one, I have not got a US visit visa (and the time to get this processed could be long), and two, I am currently tied to a project that getting declined for a leave for a little longer seems to be foregone conclusion. But I have to be honest, at that point, I momentarily entertained the thought of being there. If there is any country that I wish to visit, US tops that list (thanks to the American pop culture).

Those fleeting thoughts turned into action. I found myself looking at the requirements for a US visa. Then, I submitted an application and got a appointment not significantly  distant from that point that I though I have got a shot to make it to the trip. Fortunately, I got an approval and got my visa in less than a week.

The last obstacle that I needed to hurdle was my leave approval. And as I thought it would turn out, it was not possible at this point. Not only because of the work that we are tied to, but because I asked permission all too late. Interestingly, in our functional meeting today, it was brought up that if we are to go for a leave for X number of days, it should be filed X weeks prior. Perhaps the managers were directed to reiterate what is stated in the company handbook.

The silver lining here is that I get to keep whatever finances I have intact. The time is not right yet. Yes, it is not. 🙂


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