1st Day Chronicle

I left the hotel. Happy that the office is a mere 3 to 5 minute walk away.

I was assisted in the lobby by a guy named Rakesh. Then once inside, there are already 3 guys in front of their laptops. I was introduced to them by Rakesh. Their names are supposedly easy to remember but a second after the greeting, it is all forgotten by me because my attention was focused on understanding what they are saying (which sometimes can be unintelligible to me, what with the accent and the rate at which they speak) and how I respond. πŸ™‚

So someone from the team assisted me to get a guest access to CASA’s network. Still waiting for my actual access.

I just attended my first stand up for the project. I got to know the faces of the people in the team. Trying hard to remember their names. I also furtively am looking at the names on their IDs to help me on that.

I went to look for a water dispenser. I was pointed to the pantry. I went back, as I was unable to find it. Then Kai accompanied me to the pantry. What I have pictured in my mind is to see a water dispenser like the one we have back in the office, but no, they do not have that in here. Apparently, they get water from a tap separate from what they use for washing.

I was toured around the floor by the PM Jude, to know my way around. I was introduced again to a couple of people, but again, I’ve forgotten their names but sure I will remember their faces.

I just completed filling out the use cases for the reports module of the transfer of the Demo Services from Sharepoint to Dynamics. I did that just because I still have nothing else to do. My network connection is still being worked out and I dont have the documents that I need to be reading. I hoping that it’s all fixed before the day ends so I have got something to report on the status of my activities for tomorrow’s standup!

I had lunch with some of the members of the team. Walked down to a mall that is nearby and ate at a food court. I ordered a Vietnamese rice meal. The serving was big.
It felt awkward since all the guys are done before me and Im not even halfway through it. So I made the call not to finish it (and the serving is, as I said, is big anyway)

I attended two successive meetings. I was dazed afterwards. I have not got a solid understanding of the process yet but there I was sitting like a fish out of the sea. πŸ™‚ The accent as they speak isn’t helping as well.


I left the building with the intention of going to the mall. But stepping into it, I remembered malls close down early here. My intention was to get something for dinner. But it was all fine since I remembered then as well that I have got food that I brought from Manila.


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