Thoughts while seated on bus that runs at a snail’s pace due to heavy traffic. I’d get to my destination in ~30 minutes, in what could easily take a mere 5 minutes on free-flowing traffic (which happens once in blue moon, if at all).


I often wonder why we are unable to fix our public transport system here in the metro. I was away for close to six months — obviously not too long enough — but still, that gives me somehow a reason to think and believe that at least an incremental improvement can be felt or experienced.

I’ve once experienced riding a “brand-new” train. I placed in quotes brand-new because I understand these have been with the government agency that runs the the metro transport for years but was found out, upon delivery, that the size of the trains doesn’t fit the tracks. Face-palmed moment.  An investigation ensued as to why something probably as fundamental as this could happen (why, indeed!). Additional work had to be done to resize the trains, adding to the delay of its deployment. Getting an answer to the above question truly matters but I guess it also doesn’t diminish the fact that it is still a positive moment: finally, we’re getting to ride these coaches, slowly but surely.

Apart from the shiny trains, everything is pretty much the same.

I usually take the train on the way home. They arrive few and far between, causing the size of waiting passengers to grow, hence a packed train. It doesn’t help that some would try to shove themselves in to make room for themselves, sometimes hurting people inside. The experience is really something not worth looking forward to. In my mind, I wonder: why cant they shorten the inter-arrival times to avoid this situation?

Taking a bus is also another mode of public transport that I’d always find wanting. On a good day, getting on it to work is a breeze — (1) the size of the “crowd” waiting on the side of the road is not as big yet so hopping on it is easy and (2) there will be empty seats. Sadly, a good day doesn’t happen often unless I wake up way earlier than I have to. Normally then, I’d have to hope that luck is on my side so that the bus stops at the very spot where I’m standing, if not a meter away. In my mind, I wonder: why can’t we impose queuing so that we don’t have to rely on luck being on our side for the day? Or better yet, why can’t we do an overhaul of the entire bus system, which I believe the way it is now has not change since when this city is started to grow? Is it difficult to copy what other cities have done for their bus transit?

As I was coming home later than usual today, I thought about whether I’d take the bus or the train. As soon as I arrived on the train station, I knew that it will not be an option. Never. The lines to get to the platform was way too long because they have stopped letting people in as the platform can only hold so much. So I took a bus: the lesser of two evils on a rush hour.


Done with this post sitting on my couch. And hoping that I get to see significant improvements sooner rather than later.



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