On Goals

A goal is something one wants to achieve because that is seen simply to be a better place than now.

I do set goals for the day, which generally, is with the theme of getting better each day in the work that I do. I am deliberate in learning something new each day. I do it because I find the discovery of things quite exciting. Of course, there are days where I doubt myself with my capacity to absorb what I am studying. This happens particularly when I come across something, which in my memory I have gone through but somehow I have to re-read it again. I guess it’s just a case of me being too hard on myself.

Another daily goal of mine, which I have so far miserably failed at, is to get up early so that I can come in on time. The earliest I have been in is 7 am in the past two months. That’s is still 30 minutes later than it should be. Perhaps I am still adjusting to a 6:30 am start (since 9 am is the time work starts for me for five and a half months). Or maybe what I just said was just an excuse, because truly, I just wanted a longer sleep? 🙂

Putting out at least one post in a month is also what I hope of achieving. I wasn’t able to put one out last month. That was unfortunate. The easy reason is I could not think of a topic I’ll be writing about. Thinking of a subject is not overly deliberate for me, in which I’d spend hours contemplating about it while staring at the ceiling for hours. That just isn’t the case. The topic would just pop-up randomly — in a bus, in a train, while walking, what have you.

Looking at what my job now, it is not really something that I set out to get to from the beginning. It’s not something that is a product of a clear vision of myself and what I imagined to be doing. In a sense, I’ve just let the wind take me where it did. However, that is not to say that I don’t exert all the effort that I can when an opportunity or task is right in front of me. I do. I prepare. I get ready. I do it because, if for some reason, I didn’t get what I was hoping to achieve, I can at least give myself a pat on the back for doing the best that I can.

On long-term goals, I certainly have hesitations in setting one. These are those that may or may not be attained in at least 5 years. To me, there are just too many factors at play that setting one is almost a prediction. What is more important I believe is to face what is right in front of you and to deal with it as best as you can. In doing so, it’s going to take you/me to places you really never imagined.

Of late, I’ve been surprising myself because of that goal to move to another city. I never seriously pondered about it until fairly recently. So I’ve been putting in the work to realize this. This is one of the beautiful things of having goals. It’s not just the goal itself but the excitement of journeying towards getting to that point. And I’m all in for it. 🙂


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