Displaying a Dynamics 365 Image into an SSRS Report

Case: A client wants to add images into a quote. How can I display them into an SSRS report? Can a file data type in Dynamics 365 support it?

1. Create columns.
In this exercise, I created the file column in the quote line table. I also created another of type multiple lines of text to hold the base64-translated file content.

2. Configure a Power Automate flow.
The flow will download the attached file, convert the file content into base64 representation, and populate the multiple lines of text column with this converted value.

The download a file or an image action will, as the name suggests, download the file attached into the file column.

The compose action will convert the file into a base-64 representation by using the function base64.

Finally, the mutiple lines of text created will be updated with the output of the compose action.

3. Add an image item into the SSRS report.
This assumes that the reader already knows how to set up a data set, data source, and others on the report designer.
In this exercise, I added a tablix table whose data source will be the quote lines. Under the Picture column, I added an image item. On the Use this field property, I used an expression.

4. Upload the report file (.rdl) into Dynamics 365.

Here is the report output:

That would be it. Hope this helps!



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